Do I Tithe From My Gross Pay or My Net Pay? – eBook

Do I Tithe From My Gross or My Net Pay?

Discover what God’s word really says about this seemingly-mysterious topic!

Do I Tithe From My Gorss Pay or my Net Pay?

How should I give my tithe… based on my gross or my net pay?

This questions is asked millions of times each year, as believers across the globe collect their paycheck and prepare to honor God with their giving.

Is this strictly a personal decision or does God’s word reveal the truth to us about this sensitive topic?

We have had a lot of people ask us this question. Because of this, we wanted to give more than just our opinion. We wanted to give facts, straight from the Bible, to clear this troubling question up once and for all, leaving no doubt in anyone’s mind.

As we dug in to The Word to find concrete answers, what we found for evidence surprised us! The answers are right there, hidden in plain sight, leaving no doubt as to what God says about this touchy subject.

Don’t guess any longer. Get this short eBook and discover the truth once and for all.

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